Kids get better healthcare access thanks to your Red Nose Day donations

By Walgreens Apr 28, 2023 • 3 min

Meet Massimo, Abigail and Santos. They’re just a few of the kids who have received life-changing healthcare with the help of Red Nose Day donations at Walgreens. Our commitment to ensuring children have access to quality medical, mental health and dental care has helped over 31.5 million kids since 2015. Join our commitment! Learn more at


[Babies and young children shown with their families in healthcare settings. Walgreens and Red Nose Day logos appear.]

Healthy futures for children mean that they're able to thrive.

[on-screen text] Walgreens fundraising for Red Nose Day helps provide greater access to quality healthcare.

[on-screen text] Funds raised at Walgreens for Red Nose Day are granted to partners across the U.S.

[on-screen text] Grantee partners and impacted families share how your donations make a big difference.

Evette Torres, advanced practice registered nurse, Pediatric Mobile Clinic, University of Miami

[Children being provided with vaccinations, physicals and other healthcare services.]

Evette: We provide well care and sick care — that includes immunizations, it includes physicals, also mental health issues or social aspects — food insecurity, housing insecurity.

[Inora holding Massimo, Spanish with English subtitles.]         

Inora: This is Massimo. He was born in Panama. Now he is 5 years old, and he has a condition called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, a very rare condition.

Miranda, Massimo and Inora

Miranda: The impact in his life has been very big.

[Massimo seated in his stroller between Miranda and Inora, and then shown getting a checkup in a healthcare room.]

Miranda: He's able now to go to school. He has his stroller; he has been getting a lot of help with his therapies; he's doing really, really great, and it's really because of them.

Doug Keck, pediatric dentist, RCMA Immokalee Community School

[Interior shot of dental office.]

Doug: Children that have dental decay often have problems learning, have problems with pain and infection, and, as a responsible pediatric dentist, it's always been my intention to make sure that children aren't in pain.


[Exterior shot of Abigail in a tropical neighborhood setting.]

Abigail: My name is Abigail. I have two siblings; my dad, my mom, they work, and they both really work really hard for us to be here, because they're migrants. They brought me here — me and my sisters here — to have a better life, so that's why I'm very thankful for them.

[Abigail shown in dentist's office receiving a dental checkup.]

Abigail: The dental mobile clinic was a good experience. I'm happy that there's people in the world that take care of our teeth, that they know what's wrong and what's right about our teeth.

Rosemary Garcia, school social worker, RCMA Immokalee Community School

[Interior shot of school classroom.]

Rosemary: We serve a lot of migrant families; we have a lot of parents who are immigrants and, me, myself, being an immigrant, I did not have access to healthcare until the age of 12, so I wish my parents would have had this opportunity that we're affording the kids.

Santos, from Guatemala

[Exterior shot of school playground, with kids playing ball in background.]

Santos: Hello, my name is Santos. I'm 10 years old. I'm in fourth grade. I'm from Guatemala, and my parents were from Guatemala too.

[Group shot of Santos and classmates on the playground, smiling and waving.]

Santos: When I come to school, it feels like freedom because, because we get to learn a lot of stuff that we never learned about.

[Close-up of Santos looking up at his teacher, smiling.]

[Teacher is leading a yoga class for students seated on yoga mats.]

Santos: Her name is Mrs. [inaudible 02:21], and we do yoga with her and study about bullying, then don't bully at peoples and don't call them names and all of that, and if you, and if you, if you feel like sad, you could take some two or three deep breaths.

[Santos and his teacher sitting on a bench, smiling and laughing, as they both put on red noses.]     

Santos: I like her in those days because you get to learn about things and about peoples and all of their dreams and be helpful to each other.

[Exterior shot of kids and adults wearing red noses.]

[on-screen text] Join our commitment to ensuring all kids have access to the medical, mental health and dental care they need.

[Walgreens and Red Nose Day logos appear.]

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Published April 2023.