Myth: Cold weather causes the flu. FALSE!

Jun 15, 2022 • 1 min

It’s possible to get the flu any time of year! Pharmacist Nate Boutte explains why more people tend to get sick in the winter.


A lot of people think that the cold weather causes the flu: It doesn't.

Even though cold weather doesn't cause the flu, it does make it more likely for people to be inside, in close proximity to one another. That's the real reason more people tend to get sick during the winter. However, even though December to March is peak flu season in the US, it's possible to catch the flu anytime of year.

The flu spreads when a healthy person comes in contact with anyone infected with the flu virus, it's that simple. Which means that, regardless of the climate or season, you can catch the flu if you come in contact with a host of it.