No7 virtual beauty service: Defining eyes

May 12, 2022 • 2 min

Learn how to enhance your eyes with an everyday eye look.


Step 1: Prime eyes. Prime your eyes with a No7 concealer or eye primer by patting it all over the lid. This will help enhance your eyeshadow color and help it last longer.

Step 2: Apply base eyeshadow. Next, pat No7 stay perfect eyeshadow, in a shade similar to your skin tone, to the entire lid. Accentuate your natural eye shape by dusting a deeper shade through to your eye socket.

Step 3: Apply shimmer. For a pop of shimmer, pat a light shimmery shade of No7 stay perfect eye shadow to the center of the lid.

Step 4: Line eyes. Add definition by lining your eyes with No7 stay perfect amazing eyes pencil. We're using a feathering technique to easily achieve a neat line.

Step 5: Coat lashes. To enhance your eye look, coat lashes with your favorite No7 mascara. Layering until your desired volume is achieved.

Step 6: Brighten under your eyes. Brighten the look of your eye area using the No7 lift illuminate concealer. This provides amazing coverage while leaving your skin looking hydrated and smooth.

And here's the finished look.