COVID vaccinations: The omicron variant and vaccines

By Walgreens Dec 13, 2022 • 2 min.

Does it pay to wait?

Like many viruses, the virus that causes COVID-19 changes over time. The most recent COVID-19 variant, called the omicron variant, has quickly become the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the United States. Early evidence shows that omicron is more contagious than earlier strains of the virus.

Given how easily omicron spreads, some people might be wondering whether they should wait to get vaccinated, or if they are vaccinated to get boosted, until an omicron-specific shot becomes available. Does it pay to wait to get vaccinated and boosted?

The short answer is no. The best way to prevent getting sick with COVID-19 is to get vaccinated and boosted, if you're eligible, with the shots that are available right now. Don't wait. And there's more good news—booster shots provide increased protection against severe COVID-19.

The best shot to get is the shot that you can get today. Every day that you wait increases your risk of getting this highly contagious version of COVID-19 and possibly spreading it to others.

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Published January 2022.