Is biotin safe for kidneys?

Robert A. Fried, MD Jun 10, 2022 • 2 min

Many people take vitamins and other supplements, including biotin, to improve their health. But anything you take—vitamins, other supplements, over-the-counter medication or prescription medicines—could cause unpleasant or harmful side effects. Knowing how biotin interacts with the kidneys can help you make an informed choice about supplementation.

Is biotin harmful to the kidneys?

Taking biotin supplements does not seem to be harmful to the kidneys or other organs. There is no evidence that taking biotin causes kidney stones or leads to chronic kidney disease. However, high doses of biotin can produce false results for certain lab tests, including those for thyroid function and for hormone levels. Consult your doctor when you're considering taking biotin or any supplement.

Is biotin safe for people with kidney disease?

If you have chronic kidney disease (CKD), meaning that your kidneys are gradually losing their ability to function and filter out waste and extra water from your body, you may be asked to avoid certain foods and keep track of your dietary intake. Your vitamin needs may change over time while you are living with CKD. It's not known whether extra biotin specifically can further harm your kidneys if you already have CKD, but some supplements can be harmful. When you are living with CKD, be sure to talk with a dietitian or your healthcare provider before starting or changing your dose of vitamins or other supplements.

Published June 2022.

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