Chocolate banana s'more

Walgreens Jul 30, 2022 • 10 min

Dress up your s’mores with simple recipes that will have your crowd asking for more. Reimagine a classic treat with banana and rich chocolate flavors all season long.


  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Hershey’s chocolate bar
  • Freshly sliced bananas

Equipment needed

  • Open flame (or air fyer)
  • Skewers


Step 1: Toast the marshmallow

Toast your marshmallow on a skewer to the desired level.

Step 2: Add the marshmallow

Place marshmallow on graham cracker.

Step 3: Top with Hershey's chocolate

Add a few squares of Hershey's chocolate on top of the marshmallow.

Step 4: Garnish with bananas

Top the chcolate and marshmallow with thinly sliced bananas.

Step 5: Press and enjoy

Press together with the other half of the graham cracker and enjoy!

TIP: If you do not have an open flame available, try placing the graham cracker, chocolate & marshmallow in the air fryer for 3-5 minutes. Keep an eye on your s’more so the marshmallow doesn’t burn.