Steak and portobello sandwich

Jul 23, 2022 • 20 min

Meaty portobello mushrooms take center stage in this clever sandwich. The garlicky balsamic sauce brings the flavors together for a rich-tasting treat that can be a part of a healthy diabetes eating plan. 


  • 6 cloves garlic (crushed) 
  • 1 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1½ lb strip, flank or skirt steak 
  • ½ lb portobello mushrooms 
  • 4 whole-wheat hoagie rolls 
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper                  
  • olive oil spray


Step 1:

Mix garlic and balsamic vinegar in a small bowl. Set aside.

Step 2:

Remove visible fat from steak. Heat skillet to medium-high heat. Place steak in the skillet and sear for 2 minutes. Turn steak over and cook for 2 more minutes, or until it reaches desired doneness. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Step 3:

Coat skillet with olive oil spray. Add mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes, turning over once. Place mushrooms aside.

Step 4:

Add the garlic-vinegar mixture to the skillet and boil for 3-4 minutes, until reduced by half. Divide the sauce among 4 small bowls and set aside.

Step 5:

Slice open rolls, then mist each side with the olive oil spray. Toast the rolls in a toaster oven for 1 minute.

Step 6:

Slice the steak and mushrooms into thin strips. Arrange about 5 oz of steak and ¾ cup of mushrooms on the bottom half of each roll. Top with salt and pepper, and top roll. Serve with dipping sauce on the side.

Nutrition Facts

4 Servings

Serving Size: 1 Sandwich

Amount per serving

Calories 490

Total Fat 14g; Saturated Fat 5g

Cholesterol 110mg

Sodium 690mg

Total Carbohydrate 43g; Dietary Fiber 5g; Total Sugars 15g

Protein 46g

Potassium 980mg

Phosphorus 520mg