Healthier swaps: Smarter salad

By Walgreens Nov 19, 2022 • 1 min

Remix your greens! See how a simple ingredient substitute or two can make your meal much more deliciously nutritious.


Healthier swaps: Smarter salad

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Diabetes friendly 
Smarter salad

[image of table set with napkin, knife, fork and plate of green lettuce]

Instead of iceberg lettuce

Use mixed greens

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+260 mg potassium

[image of red lettuce, cheese, assorted colorful veggies and other ingredients being added to the greens, one by one, then topped with vinaigrette]

Instead of cheese

Use veggies

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-180 mg sodium

+3 g fiber

-9 g fat

Instead of bacon

Use turkey bacon

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-1.5 g saturated fat

-160 mg sodium

Instead of croutons

Use unsalted almonds

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-145 mg sodium

+6 g protein

Instead of creamy dressing

Use vinaigrette

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-70 calories

-8 g fat

Total nutritional benefits*

70 calories, 17 g of fat

1.5 g of saturated fat

485 mg of sodium

6 g of protein, 3 g of fiber

260 mg of potassium

*Amounts based on average serving sizes.

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